im a noob at guitar and im looking for some good tabs (not chords) to learn and practice by
i am pretty sure there's already a thread for this.. i think its stickied
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"Simple Man." Pretty much the easiest song you'll ever learn.
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Maybe not n00b material, but if you work at it it's not that hard.
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i'm sure simple man is played by either Shinedown or Lynyrd Skynrd (sorry for the spelling i'm tired)

what type of music are you into? what do you like?

a lot of mainstream songs are easy, blink 182 is easy, so is Blue October, learn the rythem of songs for starting out new. BUT this is important, push your self far, push your self on learning new songs. and, learn songs that you like, and dont learn a song if you dont like it (but have an open mind on what you might like).

Edit: shouldn't this thread be put in the "TAB TALK" section of the forums?
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how about "good tabs for peepull hoo kant spel"
its acoustic silly
try house of the rising sun, just pick out the chords
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who is it by?

*facepalm* Stop playing guitar now...NOW!
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*facepalm* Stop playing guitar now...NOW!

Ugh, shut up. I'm sure plenty of people haven't heard the greatness of that song because of the crap that is put on mainstream rock today.

@ OP: Try Before You Accuse me by Eric Clapton, and some of his related Unplugged material.

Also, simple man was a great suggestion.
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