Do anybody here know if the pots in the 2007 model Gibson Les Paul Standard are long shafted or short shafted? I'm changing the pots, but need to know beforehand

They're long-shafted, they have to be to get from the cavity to the surface of the guitar.
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Thank you very much!

You see, I've bought new pick ups from WCR Guitar Pick Ups, the BetSet, and now I'm buying a pre-wired kit (pots etc.) from them. We just couldn't find out the shaft lenght 'cause Jim over at WCR had a list that said they were long while Gibson Service Europe told me they were short for the 2007 Standard.

Well, if you say they're long and Jim over at WCR say he thinks they're long, I rather believe you guys than the guy over at Gibson Service:-)
Yes, it has carved flamed maple top, so I guess you guys are right:-) Seems like Gibson don't know their own guitars very well:-(

Thank you very much for your help!!!