i have a feeling my amp is set up wrong and maybe you guys can help me to set up for rock and roll such as acdc and such, im pretty new to this but i have a Hohner HR10 amp and the settings are like
Gain 5
Volume 6
High 4
Mid 9
Low 6

so idk if that'll help at all but just take a look see if you see anything wrong, Thanks.
u might not know wat each means

Gain. this is the level of distortion u are applying.
Volume. self explanitory
High. this is the treble, u should probably leave it near the middle, say 5 or 6, but not much higher.
Mid im not quite sure wat this is, but its between the treble and bass. some like it turned up all the way, others like it off. i like mine at 6.
Low. this is the bass, it gives the sound a kinda chunky feeling. i make it alittle higher than the middle and treble, at 7.
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I've read that a good classic rock setting is above middle treble (7-8), low middle (3-4) and high bass 97-8 again). I use about a 4 gain setting on my amp but that's with a distortion pedal so you may want to go quite a bit higher. These settings are amp specific because different amps have different treble/bass/mid qualities but it's a good starting point. If you do use a pedal i'd say put it on about 4. Any questions just repsond i'll be checking this thread.