hi, when playing i like a really deep rich bass-y tone,
i boost my bass and mid to the top and put my hi and lo's really low, and treble in the middle, does that sound right ?
how are we supposed to know if its sounds right if we cant hear it?
but dont really like to put anything to the top
i usually dont move anything more than 3 or 4 when needed
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This is a question Ug'ers cant rerally answer, because you're outlook of a deep rich tone could be completely different to someone else's. Just use your ears, does it sound deep and rich to you? If yes then well done, if not then try some differnt settings.

Also try to remember than a lot of your tone comes out of your hands, so you dont want to be using a plectrum or have a hard attack. Softly stroke the strings enar to the neck. That should make the sound nice and thick.

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my idea of a deep rich tone involves boosting my lows and uncutting my mids.

my idea of a muddy tone involves cutting the tone knob, scooping my mids/high mids/really high treble, cutting my treble, and boosting my bass. or low mids.

so I'm gonna venture a guess that you shouldsound how you wanna sound, and boost your treble a tiny bit if you can't hear yourself.
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My idea of a rich tone is scooping the mids by about 2 and leaving the rest flat
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Set it flat and tweak it to your taste. You can always read Fitzy's blog if you need a better understanding of EQ