Now that I got that out of the way, has anyone ever had it, or does anyone currently have one?

Ive had mine for about 1 month, and its horrible, but its very effective, my jaw naturally closes on where its supposed to be, almost.

I had a massive underbite.

Thats it, it makes it so hard to maneuver food around my mouth.
....looks painful

I have a 100% overbite. That's where the upper front teeth completely cover the lower front teeth, for anyone who doesn't know. It's different from buck teeth though.

If it works i'd try it....but it looks like it would just make life hard.
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that looks like it sucks real hard... with teeth ohh punny
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wow never seen one of those in person...

i kinda want to now...
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You win for making me really laugh.

add that:
Pwned... I think I will just keep my overbite.
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