I'm not sure where to post this since I am new to the forum, almost as new as I am to playing guitar. With that said I am looking for some advice on DVD guitar lessons. I have a schedule that does not allow me to meet with an instructor nor do I have the finances to get one so I was looking into DVD guitar lessons as a less expensive, more convenient, way of learning guitar. Out of the research I've done I've found the most information about a company called Metal Method, has anyone used their DVDs before? I noticed they have a course that teaches you the basics but wasn't sure if it was appropriate for me and if it would be effective. I am trying to get an unbiased response so if anyone has any information or experience with the lessons please let me know!
Personally, I have never had a real teacher and I learned to play for free. I found everything on-line, and I had some friends who were learning to play around the same time as well. We all basically taught each other, the only thing I did was buy a single book (Mel Bay's Guitar Method 1, I think) to learn the strings and notes and I did just fine.
i learned buy playing other bands music, and studing thoery and chords

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yea dude.
you dont need dvd's,honestly.
you have a wealth of info on this site.
go to the search bar and type in guitar and put the type as lessons,and you'll find everything you'll ever need
and it doesnt take much time to get thru the articles
you can do it in your free time!
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Teaching yourself is far better, i mean witha dvd you cant ask questions there and then, so theres no difference to it really...
I think it's important to find a complete program that takes you step-by-step from your current level of playing experience to whatever level you wish to attain. People have a tendency to jump all over the place learning from one system then another. The end result is, they have huge gaps in their understanding of guitar and never make the progress that they desire. I don't think you can beat Metal Method's program. They have a basic course taught by Doug Marks that absolutely works. You can check out Metal Method's forums to see what others say about the course. For advanced guitar playing you can't beat the techniques taught by MM instructor Michael Angelo Batio.

One other great aspect about their forum is, it's a great place to have your questions answered. Don't expect an answer by asking the DVD, but do expect an answer from their forum.
Well it's beem over three months so I wanted to update everyone on the status of guitar learning. Even though I did manage to find a lot of information on the internet it wasn't exactly what I was looking for. And when you have a job that has you sitting in front of a computer all day it's difficult to want to spend any leisure time sitting in front of it. I ultimately ended up purchasing the Complete Basic Course; I was going to just order the first couple stages to get started but after being peer pressured by my boyfriend because it was "a better deal to order all together" which is code for he wanted to use the more advanced lessons so I ended up ordering the whole thing. I've been making my way through the lessons and am very impressed with the lessons and myself. He started on stage 3 but then decided to start from the beginning so he could learn some things he may have missed in his previous guitar instruction. He said that he learned more from the first few stages then he ever learned from his private instruction (that he did for two years!!!). Needless to say, I'm no shredder yet but I feel like I'm on the right track; as for my boyfriend he thinks he's ready for a world tour or at least a band and some local shows. I'm very satisfied with the product and would suggest it. And word is Metal Method is coming out with a new Michael Angelo dvd in December which makes it pretty easy to decide what to buy a certain shredder for the holidays.
i figured you were all awaiting in anticpation to hear about my progress. I completed the course! things are going better than ever, and it sounds like i've been playing for years not months!
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