Does any one know anything about this company? I always viewed them as a cheap knock off brand, but I played the strat and was surprisingly pretty good. How much do some of these things go for and are they worth there price?

Heres the website link.
no idea try to find some rating on em
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I got mine for $100 at a music shop in Orlando. It's the best I've ever played for a hundred bucks. Mine stays in tune very well (but I've heard they have a reputation of not staying in tune) and is very fun to play compared to other hundred dollar guitars.

My dad also has a Jay Turser Precision Bass knock-off, and likes it better than his Fender P Bass.
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i have a JT200...the les paul copy, i love it, sounds really good...i have no complaints for it...

and important thing too is the fact that it won an award for best bang for buck with guitarworld magazine i think it was
The Jay Turser's I've played have been very good guitars. You may also find them branded as Alden which is the parent manufacturer of Jay Turser (as well as a few other affordable brands). I reviewed their Tele Deluxe tribute in the April issue of www.FrugalGuitarist.com, you can read it here. I've also played their JT-133 which is similiar to a Gibson 335 and was equally impressed. I'm trying to get a review of their double cutaway JT-200 Pro for the september issue as well.