im pretty sure u guys seen guitar videos on youtube... well i was wondering what would be a good, cheap camera or video recorder to use... i want the audio to be clear.
I use a Sony Handycam MiniDV and record my audio on my DAW then capture the video into Adobe Premiere.

Video sample:

also see this for cheap video camera reviews:

You could use a webcam and audio interface however webcams need a program running to capture and that can slow down your audio recording program if you are running an audio interface as well. IF you must use a webcam, Logitech makes good ones.
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The video is in the link in my sig. Thing is though I don't do the usual recording my playing live alongside the original... I make my own backing tracks and basically build the whole song from scratch and then record video of me after the song is done.

So basically you're can just see the video quality, but not sound like you're asking (the webcam comes with an external mic but you can use any mic really).