so yeah, last nite skratch magazine sent my band an email saying they'll put one of our songs on a warped tour compilation disk for $450, and forward our song to various record labels and sell copies to the public


i dont know anything about compilation disks... is it normal for a company to contact you to ask for money to put a song on a CD? or are they just gunna take our money and peace out?

and is skratch magazine a real deal or are they just a couple goofs scouring the warp tour battle of the bands site emailing every unsigned band that made it to the front page?
Take your money and peace out, I almost fell into one of those. A Record company should never ask you for money to put something on a CD.
I'd say you've been had. Modelling companies do it too. They have started just pulling people up on the street, taking a photo, asking for money for it to be published and sent out etc etc and never a word since.
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Its a classic scam. Don't buy into it.

If the company doesn't contact you directly face to face about something like that. Then don't do it. Especially since its an e-mail.

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All magazines are trying to screw some one.

Especially musicians.


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I get that there are MANY underhanded and shady companies out there doing scam jobs on the net, but let me tell you that we ARE legit and a VERY real entity. We have been around for OVER twelve years in the music scene and continue to be a solid supporter of it as we continue to grow and evolve with it. That being said, let me address some issues you may have on your mind, read on...

First, we never have tried to hide that there are fees involved with being a part of one of our comps. Exactly like all of you, we are D.I.Y., the fees we charge are to help cover the cost of production, pressing and distro. I think we agree in this day and age EVERYTHING has become more costly and because we DO NOT sell our CDs, we distribute and hand them out for FREE, we must be able to pay for the projects.

Second, we DO NOT spam bands with B.S. emails. We have a handful of band scouts that look for bands for us online and contact them directly. Every band contacted is contacted because a particular scout has seen something of interest in them. We do on occasion specifically look for certain types of bands that might fit a particular project but we always try to pair a band with a project that will gain a band the most exposure for being a part of our comps. For instance if a band is straight up metal, we would NEVER push them to be on a comp that is more leaning towards indie music or an indie band on a comp getting handed out at Taste of Chaos for example. Yes, from time to time we do get a scout or two that gets lazy and tries to skirt around doing their work. Nine times out of ten we do find out about this, it addressed and subsequently are dealt with accordingly.

Third, we are merely a promotional tool. We NEVER claim to be anything else. We press 5,000 CDs of each release, we distribute them at whatever festival we are gearing a particular comp towards, we mail 20 copies to every band involved on the comp (more if there is an overrun), and lastly we mail out CDs to mailing list of over 350+ record companies, management companies, booking agents, licensing companies and the like which we have dealt with over our 12 year history and are adding new companies to our list with every release.

Fourth, we are NOT a fly by night company. Skratch is somewhat of an institution having been in the music scene on an international level for over twelve years! If you are not aware, Skratch was a print publication for many years (up until last year to be exact) which has recently gone strictly online because of the rise in print costs, the decline of interest in physical printed reading materials and of course a decline in independent record labels, mom & pop record stores and independent retailers who were the bulk of not only our advertisers but also the people who supported us by allowing us to distribute the magazine through them.

Fifth, we have ALWAYS been a HUGE supporter of independent bands, record labels, and unsigned acts locally, nationally and internationally. We have interviewed/reviewed/written about COUNTLESS acts, giving press and coverage to bands that most magazines would not give the time of day to.

Lastly, we have many satisfied bands/acts who have worked with us over the years and have been happy with the results of having worked with us. The exposure that they have gained through working with us has helped bands build a bigger fan base by physically placing their music into the hands of music fans at shows across the U.S., bringing them to the attention of our readership and in some cases even brought them on the radar screen of record labels helping them to secure a deal. While we NEVER make ANY promises of the level of return on being on one of our comps, we do EVERYTHING in our power to ensure that people who work with us get the most they can out of their experience with working with us.

Yes, just like any business we deal with unsatisfied customers. Yes there are some unsatisfied people who put all their eggs into a basket and were expecting miracles nothing short of God from being a part of one of our comps, so of course they were let down. Being on one of our comps is kind of like advertising, you can NEVER guarantee what kind of response it's going to stir up, but you damn well know it will get more response than if no one saw it in the first place! There are also times in which bands that are unsatisfied with us , do contact us and of course we make every effort possible to come to an agreement to make things right. We NEVER want ANYONE we work with to be bummed or unsatisfied with our work. Mistakes do happen from time to time, we are human, but we NEVER will leave a band hanging that has stepped up to work with us and support us as that would be unjust!

Ok, so with all of that said, we leave it up to you to determine if you think we're legit. I have given you almost all the info I could think of to address the issue at hand and prove that we do not fit under this label as being shady. We invite you to contact us directly and speak with us should you have any further questions or would care to get some more info on what exactly it is we do here. We personally always try to give bands we speak with (whether they get on one of our comps or not) some nugget of knowledge or insight into what they are doing for the exact purpose of them NOT getting screwed much as I wish someone would have done for me when I was starting out in this business. It is an unscrupulous world we live in and full of parasites looking to feed off the unsuspecting and I for one try to do my part to be a part of the solution, not the problem.


Skratch Magazine
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