Will RTF. This song basically goes with the same chords as Oasis's Wonderwall, except it's capo'd on 1, and the strum pattern throws a palm mute in it.

Let me tell you about a girl with a story that echos
in the hearts of romantics and the souls of artists,
a portrait is painted with many colors,
like, a Mona Lisa by Leonardo, but bright with the contrast,
She fights through the moths that cover the light path
Like a star in the sky, but she's flys on the high track
Sunsets to midnight, she's exactly just like that.
I must admit, I simply just like that.

She's Heaven's ballerina, she dances on stars,
She could be my galaxy, and I would watch from afar,
So I keep my head up, to see her in the sky,
To watch a dream leave a trail as this angel flies
She's Heaven's ballerina, I hope she knows my name.
And if she should go away, I'll keep her picture all the same.

she moves humble like a cloud soft as its whisper
an angel without wings, simply caught in a picture,
framed by the shadows, she stands with a glow
under the moonlight, with the rain she just floats,
she's reaching for tomorrow, Heaven's not so far,
and she'll light up the sky gently, like a candle in the dark,


Sometimes she's lonely, and I wish for a rocket,
To ride beside her, cos I know it's tough to be strong,
And if she ever felt weak, I would sing her a song,
About love, peace and Jesus, for her to coast on,
The world keeps on spinning and she's still above me,
And I'll just keep looking, now isn't that lovely...

She's Heaven's Ballerina...