I want my sg and my amp to sound more like acdc! i have a Roland Street amp, epi g-400, and ds-1 boss distortion pedal. Can you tell me the amp setting and the pedal.
I use my amp clean and distortion from my pedal.
Format such as:
Pedal distortion: 'o clock
pedal tone: ' o clock
efects: something:
and anythin else!
just set up the distortion and everything then dial it back as much as needed. dont set it miles to high but dont set it to low. just mess around with it and see what happens. AC/DC is not a very high dist band so a midlle area or lower setting should do. otherwise you may wanna just buy a decent Marshall amp as Angus doesnt use ANY pedals what so ever
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To sound like AC/DC, you're going to need the same equipment. Especially the same amp.
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Bass: none
Mid: 9 o'clock
Treble: 4 or 5 o'clock
Reverb: just a little bit and I mean a little.


Just a little bit of distortion to get the fuzz. Maybe like 9'oclock. The treble makes it sound more distorted than it really is. Keep the tone at noon and tweak if necessary.

This should yield a pretty good AC/DC sound on the widest range of setups.
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a marshall and an sg is all youll need

i'm saving up for a marshall!
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i'm saving up for a marshall!

NOT an MG or AVT. This requires a real, all tube marshall. On a budget, I've heard the Peavey Windsor half stack is good (never tried it, I have tried the combo though, and it's quite good).
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