I play with an SSS strat, I love the pickups so I don't want to switch those out but as you know single coils arn't the heaviest. So I need a distortion pedal that can get a really fat punchy tone, with real good low end. Im looking to spend 100 USD max. I got a ts9, ds1, and a big muff already.
take your guitar to guitar center or wherever you go with you and keep trying out pedals until you find the right one, its hard for someone over the internet to tell you what tone is right for you, since theres so many different types of distortion.
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Hmm... I would probably buy a Boss Metal Core but i haven't played one so it may not suit you. Just go and try different distortion pedals out. People like different sounds, many people don't like metal core pedal for example but some do.
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people who like the metalcore pedal just havent heard anything better. i wouldn't bother with it.

have a look at keeley modded stuff - i know you already have a ts9, but the ts9 baked mod has a completely different voicing and its one of the punchiest and smoothest overdrives i've played with. it throws out a lot more gain and accentuates the lows and mids.
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