Well this happened a while ago, but I'm just now starting to miss my Whammy bar. I was playing my Jay Turser JT-300 and I was doing the whammy dives during the chorus of Evenflow, and I heard something pop. The G string came completely out of tune, but the weird thing was that I could tune it back, but I was too scared to test the whammy bar again. I opened up the back and found that the tremolo block (the thing the strings go into) had broken into two pieces. I took it to my friend and he said he may have the right part, so he replaced the block and I went on my merry way. I got home and put my whammy bar in and noticed that the bar came up way too high off the guitar before it started to tighten. I whammied and noticed that it wouldn't whammy right (I would barely have to tap it to make it work) and my strings would go WAY out of tune (way more than they did with the old tremolo block). Does anyone know if it's the wrong tremolo block or if it was just put in wrong?
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Probably need to adjust the springs in the back. They would have had to come out to replace the block.