I've bascially decided to buy this, but before I do I was wondering if theres anything better around the price range of this amp (£220) with similar wattage (100+) that is better.
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Look on the used market for a used Ashdown MAG 300 series combo.

It's 180W out the box so you'll have more headroom, you'll also get more speakers if you get the 4x10. W/ an extension cab it can go upto 300W.

You get a tweeter as well, not sure if the Fender has one.

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I have that amp and it's OK. It has a few problems that make me wish I got something else.

1. It's not loud enough, it's good for practice but not loud enough for gigs.
2. The tone is meh. It's pretty good, but sometimes it can't get what I'm looking for.

If I were you I would save up a bit more and buy a Fender Bassman 250 or an Ashdown MAG. They are louder and sound better.
I'd go for the 115 version, I heard a bassist play through one in a festival at the weekend, and it sounded huge!I talked to the guy later (he's a friend of mine) and I was pretty shocked to hear he didn;t use any affects, only a Fender Jazz clean into the amp! Granted, the amp was miced up, but that's one of the nicest tones I've heard in a LONG while, and I'm one hard person to please tone wise - my cab alone is worth over £1k.

But I suppose it goes to show how much of the tone is in the fingers, as he has the same general "sound" no matter what rig he plays through.
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I played that amp as a backline at a gig with one heavy guitar and a drummer and I could not hear myself onstage.
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