OK, I need a new amp. I've had my Squier Sp-10 for a couple of years and I think it's time to upgrade.
I assume any amp would be an upgrade, but I was thinking of getting a tube amp. I've been looking at the Valveking 112... I also thought about the ad50vt and the cube 60, but I figured a tube amp would be a better choice.
My budget is around 400€ (450€ max) and I can´t really buy anything used...
I play just about everything, but I guess my main influences would be David Gilmour and Kim Thayil.

So, what amp should I get?

Thanks in advance.
If you choose the valveking, take the 212 ... because you can easily "upgrade" it with a cab.
the problem with the 112 is, that you can just plug in cabs with 16 ohms... 212 can do 4, 8 and 16.
AND the 212 has some more features like a resonance control.

good luck!

I'd suggest that and maybe an overdrive if you're gonna be playing some heavier stuff.
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yea dont get the 212. its excessive.

the 112 is a very good amp. at least for me, its satisfied all my needs
Well i also have the 112 VK... But after all, i regret that i didn't choose the 212. And it costs 50€ more but might be a good investment... 212 doesn't sound that harsh as a 112 does... plus the things i already mentioned...

think about it!
Are you gigging or playing in the home?
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