So I have practiced Raining Blood by Slayer a TON and I can nail every riff except for the one at 1:06 to 1:21. The pull offs are just so insanely fast and clean. IMO this has to be the hardest lick of the song. ANY advise, tips, practice routines you guys and gals can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
I think Slayer actually picks each of the notes. But it works either way. If I played it using pull-offs, I wouldn't really put emphasis on the "pull off" part. Pick the first note, and lightly lift up your other fingers. With the right distortion it sounds right.
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It takes alot of practise !!!! But i dont think its harder than Cannibal Corpse - Frantic disenbowlment
When I do that part, I just pick as fast as I can. It still sounds brutal if you don't get it spot on.
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Yeah... that part is entirely picked. Your tab = wrong.
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It takes a while to get. I remember when I was learning raining blood. Damn song always made me tired. Practice it really slowly making sure you use the least amount of movement/effort needed to play it. Once the motion you have to do gets programed in the muscle memory, playing it at a faster speed will be easier because your fingers know where to go.

Oh yeah, it's picked.
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whoa! i just tried alternate picking it and ill be damned if it didn't start sounding bad ass. Time to bust out the metronome! I have to admit though this one hurts my left hand....bad. Thanks for the help all.
It's all picked. But hell, Raining Blood is a picking hand workout.

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