Ok so I'm sitting here with my cousin in law's ASAT Classic guitar, I have to say it sounds better than my guitar(Fender Starcaster) but anyways he said there were only 2500 made and he makes it seem like this is one hell of a guitar, but I think its not that all that great for what he makes it seem, better sound than mine but not looks, it looks like a telecaster and he said it made in the 90s, Now I'm wondering if any of you guys know if there were only 2500 made or is this just a normal guitar that could be sold anywhere like any other guitar? Just want to know if it is that special.
You'd have to show us some pictures...

G&L does do limited runs of certain guitars...
Check the model, serial number, etc? G&Ls are great, IMO.
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Sorry dude, but G&L kicks fenders ass.

I think you would have to buy a fender custom shop axe to compete with standard G&L
if that's a non-tribute, USA-made g&l, it's going to be one heck of a guitar. no idea about the 2500 thing, but even if not, as i said, it'll be a great guitar. it's certainly not a case of its not being as good because it's not fender; apart from anything, leo fender set up g&l, as far as i'm aware. if anything, it has as close links to leo as fender does, if not closer.
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the L in G&L stands for Leo (Fender)...

i think anything will sound better than your Starcaster..

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