I use a Shecter C-1+ guitar and the pickups that came with it are Duncan Designed HB-102 humbucker. It has a coil tap so from what i understand its like have Humbuckers and then i can go to Single coils. Im not totaly satisfied with my tone. but that could be my amp. which i really liked at the store but im second guessing now lol idk. Anyway when i play my guitar at the store its feels and sounds fresh and new. and im not talking about just the strings. I had it for about a year now and i havent't really done anything but put 9's in it. Could that make my tone kinda lack a little? Also I wanted to know if i should change my pickups, and i don't really know how to go about doing that cuz i can't really try them out at guitarcenter. Also i wanted to know any suggestions for pickups because i don't know if mine are any good because ive opnly owned a squire strat and this guitar. So any suggestions for pickups. I'd like to be able to play metal nicely. not like super hardcore metal triplets till i die but like Coheed and Cambria style metal, and i'd like to be able to use the coil tap and then play some bluesy stuff. but mainly the metal stuff. Thanks
Oh and also at the store i could really hit all my pinch harmonics and the were all really fresh but on my one at home half the time they don't go or sound crappy