Hey everyone, does anybody know which Peavey switch the XXX Super 40 combo uses? I would have used the Peavey manuals archive like a smart person, but it's closed for construction/mainenance, so I was wondering if anyone on here might know.

Some info: It's got 2 channels and a volume boost function and an effects loop, and the input is a 1/4" jack, not a 9 pin thing.

Hope someone knows....

You can view the manual here. It doesn't give a model name on the foot switch, but it basically just switchs between clean/crunch and the ultra channel, and also engages/disengages the solo boost. It does have some LED's on it. I'd just get with Peavey if you need one. I don't think they make this amp anymore.
The one that I bought separately for mine says "select effects" and "reverb" on it, (i think), but it works as channel switching and volume boost as bullitboy said.