damn I thought that said PIRATE profile

private means that you can only see their profile if you are friends with them
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what is the difference? I just noticed it in Edit Profile Security Tab.

What would others see if it was Private? And how Public is the Public Profile?

ooops, no 'VS' threads
Private= You must be friends with them to view their profile.

Public= Anybody can see it.

Mine is private.
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What would others see if it was Private?
if you set your profile to private, only people on your friends list would be able to see it.

everyone else would see your profile pic and this message:
! This profile is set to private!

This user must add you as a friend to see his/her profile.

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And how Public is the Public Profile?
public means everyone. all UG members and unregistered visitors.

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ooops, no 'VS' threads
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How public is public? Hmm, I dont know, i guess everyone can see it. You're probably better with a public profile.
^ public means anyone and everyone can see it. Even unregistered people. But of course only registered people can post on your profile i think.
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