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Given up, what I've done, No More Sorrow all from Linkin Park on the minutes to midnight album... Light My Way by Audioslave is fairly easy... just make sure you got a wah pedal and try and improvise the solo
If your promis not to ever say the words Emo, Metal, or Punk in the same sentence. All Tool songs are in drop-D, 4 degrees isnt hard and sounds cool.
first off, im only going to name good songs, no emo, no pop, no bullsh*t
all tool songs are in drop d
all lamb of god songs are in drop d (that i know of...)
for tool try H, its fairly simple
lanmb of god any song is great, but a good challenging one (for a beginner) would be like hourglass, or ashes of the wake, or eleventh hour
really any of them
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