so after a bit of an intense sesh with the dan armstrong the scatch plate has cracked round the jack area so im thinking of making a new scratch plate. Im not really sure what materials to use or what design to have yet but i can use the old scratch plate as a template.

Do you guys have any suggestions? If i cant think/find anything good enough to put on the scratchplate im just going to have a woody looking one like dan armstrongs normally have.

oh by the way its not a completly clear one, its one of those slightly smokey kind of ones which are still see through but arent clear.

So yea, any suggestions are more than welcome
You can buy blank pickguard material. Just google it, something should come up. Also, I don't know what style of guitar it is but you maybe be able find a pick guard ready made. Strat/LP/tele replacements are readily available online.
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