Yeah, my friends and I have discussed forming a band but nothing ever happens.
I call themm every couple days about jamming but nothing ever works out. Should I just try something else because it doesn't seem half of them are that interested? thanks
being in a band with your best friends never works, cause you end up ****ing off too much. write and album and hire guys to play it for you! then make them youre friends!
I don't really care about a band, I just want to jam w/ ppl. you know?
its fun to jam with friends, cause not only do you get to play music, but its also fun to just hang out. Some of your friends might be nervouse about jamming, some people dont think theyre good enough, just tell them to come on over and hang out, bring their stuff wit them. I'm tellin ya once they get a tasted of playin in a band they wont go back to playin by themselves
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It's tough, man.
I've tried it and they all wanted to do other sh*t.
You have to really find people that dig your music and that are as commited as you.
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Good luck. I had the same problem at one time, and nothing ever happened with it. Work on finding musicians you don't know that you can turn into friends.
if it's just for fun, then play with your friends, if you wanna live with it, find someone else. Even if you get with other people for your band, you could still jam with your friends for fun.
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