Do you find that you listen to different types of music or songs at different times of the day.

I find that the later it gets the more mellow my music gets, like, now in late evening, acoustic and classical music is listened to more.

Anyone else do something like that?

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For me it starts like a screamo, hardcore stuff
then it goes to like disturbed, metallica stuff
then classic rock
and finally its like all time low, metro station etc
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i listen to the same few bands over and over again

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Metal in the morning, Metal at lunch and Metal at dinner.

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I don't think so. It changes between summer and winter though.

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I find that the later in the evening the heavier my music...for example this morning I was listening to Oasis, at about lunch I had Pearl Jam, and now I'm listening to Living Colour...

Although it also fluctuates between summer and winter...In the summer I find it's necessary to listen to some summer music...mainly because I find it hard to be "summer-y"
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for me, it starts off in the morning hard rock, then classic rock, then metal, then death metal, then light rock while i sleep
For the last few winters I've fallen into NIN phases , and then in the summers I go through Incubus phases.

The worst is when I start going out with a girl I really like.Oh man..... it goes to Blink 182, Angels & Airwaves etc.
Not really. More like at different things I do throughout the day inspire what I'll listen to. For example, when I'm just laying down or on the computer I listen to softer music and when I'm doing something more physical it turns into screamo and hardcore.
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yeah, when i first get to work (7am) i don't like anything too fast or heavy, so i tend to listen to things like Alice Cooper, then once i've woken up i can start to move on to some heavier stuff, like now Iced Earth/Demon's & Wizards (8:50am) then come about 10am when i get bored as hell, i'll start on either some power metal or some hair metal, some fav's of mine being Manticora, Powerworld (for power metal) and any of the hundreds of 80's hair metal bands that i've got. mainly Crashdiet lately tho. then after lunch about 1pm i might chuck on the new Blaze Bayley album, or even some more Prog/Power kinda stuff like Circus Maximus. Then just pretty much whatever i feel like at the time after that. I like to rotate what i listen to pretty frequently, so that none of it gets stale, and to keep my interests broad
I usually listen to the same thing through out the day, but when I'm getting a midnight snack I through on obnoxious music.
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