Allright, I have a feeling this thread will attract alot of scandinavians, or it will have very little posts and go die in the depths of the pit, but here goes.

To those of you that don't know:
Snus is either this

or this

To those of you wondering:

- It is in no way as disgusting or has anything to do with "dipping", in fact that is not how it works whatsoever.
- I chose General, because the images were the best, and it is probably the most famous one. I myself prefer the portioned Nick and Johnny strong, or Skruf strong portion. I prefer portioned because it is not messy like the ones you have to "bake".

- You put it under your upper lip, not your under lip.
- It is about 90% less harmful than cigarettes.

So anyway, just discuss it and ask any question you will, but whatever you do, buy the swedish snus. The american stuff can't compare, and our Swedish brethren knows their stuff.

i like snus snus.
UG's condensed package of adrenaline

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Just finally quit smoking.. don't need something else to get hooked on....
What makes snus any less disgusting than dip?
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those are just as gross as ciggarettes. and it's snuff. not snus.
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I'm guessing buysnus.com, I wouldn't know, they sell it all over Norway.

Anyway, I know it has helped lots of people quit smoking, but it's not a good idea to substitute a habit like that. With that being said, its a healthier option.

By the way, I'm not too much of a fun of the flavoured ones. I bought one by Catch, with eucalyptus flavour not long ago. First ones are pretty good if you don't like the subtle taste of snus. However, half a box into it, you're bored with it, and its allmost a chore to finish it.

If you don't like the taste or smell, don't buy Skruf. It's pretty strongly scented, and its a bad start. Try Nick and Johnny, they have a great taste. Too bad I left mine at work and had to buy a General portion today, and won't get that NJ again for five days.

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those are just as gross as ciggarettes. and it's snuff. not snus.

I think I'd know that a little bit better than you, thank you very much. People calling it snuff is a misconception in other countries. And at least you don't blow smoke in peoples faces when you snus.
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Snus just makes you feel like you need a cigarette even more badly than the time you put Snus in your mouth because you needed a cigarette.
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Ahhh.. The snus... We tried making some aussies try it in london... The color of their face was PRICELESS!! haha

But still prefere ye olde health/cancer stick...

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I did an internship at Scania Netherlands and one of the executives used Snus.
I am lucky my gorgeous gilfriend doesn't smoke or does snus because i image it would tasde awful.
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