So i just gauged down from a .13 acoustic set on my epi acoustic electric to a .11 electric set. My question is wether i'll lose the finger strength i've built up while playing with the 13's. I play much smoother and cleaner and playing my guitar is much more fun now that i don't have to really try anymore, so i'd have to go through the process of regaining the strength in my fingers should i lose it.
Naw I think you'd probly just have to get re-used to the .013's and that shouldn't take too long.

I switch from electric to acoustic pretty often and I don't really notice any difference...
In my experience the only toughest part is doing barre chords and those are only hard on the first fret of a low end/beginner acoustic guitar.
i doubt you'll lose it. As long as you keep playing you should be able to retain it.
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