i have a strange thing going on i just replaced a bridge humbucker in one of my guitars its a no namer but a little hoter than what was in it it has a chrome cover if that makes any dif.but sometimes when i play with the pickup at 10 i get this feedback squeal i have turned vol,drive, and bass levels on amp with no luck i have to roll the guitar vol back to about 7 i have lowerd the pup does not help.the strange thing is it will do that one time then other times i can crank it to 10 and its fine. its got me baffled.does anyone have an idea on whats up or a suggestion on what to do???
what's the gain set at on your amp? how loud are you playing? how close are you to your amp?
i have tried turning it down its the damdest thing when it does it nothing makes it stop then i might turn it on another time and its fine when it doesnt do it i have tried cranking everything up just to get it to and it wont. then other times i cant get it to stop.but no not very loud and im about 10 feet from the amp.i have never seen anything like this. thinking it may be a little chinaman in ther messin with me