I have a Marshall Avt 50 Valvestate model amp, and a Godin Freeway Emg. The Emg pickups and my amp have a fairly good metal sound, but i want to get a Boss Sd-1, Boss Distortion Pedal, Ibanez Fuzz, and a Crybaby wah, with other cords, and a pedal board. Should I buy new pedals, or just sell my amp on ebay and buy a tube amp?
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well it's an avt, not the greatest. So i would say a new amp, but it's up to you.
With $400 you're going to have to hunt down something used to get a decent gain channel, unless you're happy with a Crate V-series amp... Traynor is probably your best bet, but even there you're going to need another $150 to even get a 1X12...
First off get a new amp...

Second if you DID get the effects, why waste money on a pedal board?? You can make your own for like $15!
Need I say it?

New amp.

And +1 to metalhead about building your own pedalboard.
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if u like the tone coming out of ur amp stick with it and get the effects, but if ur tired of it get a new amp.
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