which dont have realllly long solos because that just taks too long to learn!

any reccomendations? thanks
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I play a lot of Led Zeppelin songs and I improvise all my solos. I could probably work out what Page plays if I wanted to, but I like adding my own touch to a song. You should try learning the riffs by ear and improvising the solos.

thanks man thats a good idea it will get me used to doing my own solos that way too
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Black Dog.... long solo but you can improvise it pretty easy.
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MOBY DICK !!!!11 such a fun song..but u gotta tune to drop D
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All of Led Zeppelin II
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and btw there ALL fun to play, the rover is really fun to play also....same with babe im gonna leave you, and bron y aur stomp, and foursticks, and ramble on, and since ive been loving you and ALL THE OTHERS. and black mountain side TOO!!!!
Living Loving Maid for the win!!
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Ramble on is pretty easy, and it doesn't have any major solos in it. It takes a while to get the chord progression down, but once you have it, it is great.
wow lemme get out my tolkian books. kidding, zepp is awesome black dog, houses of the holy, livein lovin maid, rock n roll, all good up beat zepp songs
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