Ok... so i know this is a total noob question, but i have a Floyd Rose floating bridge on one of my guitars and i have been using the fine tuners to keep my guitar in tune (obviously), but a couple of my fine tuners have been tightened all the way down and i can no longer tune my guitar with them.

What i'm wondering is if I could reset all of my fine tuners to the "middle" height, take off the locking nuts and just use the tuning pegs to get my guitar back in tune, then re-tighten the locking nuts without my bridge getting messed up or something.

Once again, i know this is a total noob question, but I am just really paranoid about screwing up my bridge, last time I tried to restring it, I ****ed up and ended up having to get my guitar restrung at a shop.
go for it
thats how i do it
put the fine tuners in the middle and unlock the tuners and tune it regularly
Yup, thats how a guitar tech showed me how to do it.
Don't worry it wont screw it up.