Poll: When do you think you act best/funniest/most interesting
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View poll results: When do you think you act best/funniest/most interesting
In a group (3 or more)
38 47%
One on one
22 27%
About the same / Other (post comment)
20 25%
Voters: 81.
So lately I've been thinking a lot on the way I act around people. I've started judging what I say or how much I speak with different persons etc.
I find that I feel more comfortable and being a more... interesting/funnier person when I'm with a group of people rather with just one other person.

Does anyone know what I'm talking about, or do you act better being alone with somebody than you do when being in a group?
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alone. everybody says im 100X cooler outside of school, cuz im usually with less people.
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I'm funnier in a large group cause there is more material, but one to one i'm my usual charming self
If I know the people I'm with well, I tend to be a lot more relaxed and speak a lot more, but if I'm with people I hardly know I hardly speak.

If I'm alone with a person I'm normally fine, but again talk to people/express myself more if I know the person better.
im the opposite, im funnier with like one or two people
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I hate hanging out with groups larger then 3 because for some reason i don't talk at all even if i want to
much funnier alone with someone. im a fairly quiet guy, so in a group i tend to stick in the background a bit. not an issue with a one on one conversation
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In groups, and i'm in top shape when i got a microphone in my hands. But my jokes are just to gore to tell so i stopped practicing
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If I'm in a larger group I always just stay out of the conversation and just listen instead of talking. I'm a pain to converse with even in groups of 2 or 3 people though. I just prefer to listen in general.
im funnier when im talking to girls in small groups ive noticed... it makes hooking up with them a lot easier
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I'm only funny drunk.
I'm funnier in a group, but then i think its just group funny and not me at all.


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One on One.

I hate being alone cause i think to much, so i'm always to busy thinking to be funny.

I get shy in groups and generally try to shut up, and only talk to people i like.

And one on one you can always be funny, you just work of each other. Random events get you going.
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I'm too boring alone. I need others/beer to get me going.
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Depends who I'm with.
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If I know them, small group and down. Not so much a large group because I don't talk as much.
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I'm only funny drunk.

Good thing you have a crippling case of alcoholism then, right?
I play by my own rules. And I have one rule; There are no rules... but if there are, they're there to be broken. Even this one.

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Sigs are wastes of my precious screen space.

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I am more comfortable in a group of people then just 1 on 1, and I find I can talk more/ be funnier. I feel like I can't be interesting long enough to be with someone 1 on 1. Perhaps thats a reflection of low self esteem?
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Good thing you have a crippling case of alcoholism then, right?

Got that right!

Smaller groups rather than large ones. Large groups, more people to get offended.
In a group. When it is one on one, my comments that are usually funny are weird/creepy/awkward...
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im funny all around, im hilarious in school because people set themselves up soo bad without knowing it all the time. And i can usually get my smart ass comment in quick enough and just loud enough so everyone but the teacher hears it.
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in a big group because everyone else sets it up for me and all i have to do is make one hilarious comment and then i win.
around my family Im pretty energetic and entertaining (Id like to think)
But out in public, I dont want to look stupid, so I just kinda keep to myself.
I'm a one-on-one type of man. That's why I make a good date.
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Large groups are better for me, since there's more going on. And when there is more going on, I have more things to comment on. I'm great at observational conversation/comedy but not as much when there is nothing to talk about.
I think I act in slightly different ways depending on the amount of people I'm with and who they are. I'm more obviously funny when I'm in a group, I had five friends around me laughing for about three minutes straight at school recently, that was a mixed group of boys and girls. When it's all guys then there a lots of egos competing, so I act differently again, slightly quieter.

When I'm with one or two other people I'm generally more serious, I listen a lot more, but there's still a steady flow of hilarity, but I think I talk more eloquently and am more charming as well.

I think I'm better when alone with people, but I do enjoy a crowd.
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i suck in large groups of people, when im in a group of people i usually get ignored and alienated and no one listens to me. but my friends seem to think im cool when were alone.
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Both, actually. But I'm only funny when I'm with people I know somewhat. If it's just random people it takes me a while to get my hilarity up to speed.
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