I'am going to buy this amp and was checking prices online on different sites

The musicians friend price is $330


and I found that in samash the price is $230


well samash seems like the obvious choice... any idea on why is there such a drastic change in price between those 2 sites?

$100 dollars difference just seems too much
Hey, if a website screws up and sells it to you for cheap, they still have to send it to you for the price you paid.
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Holy ****, that's awesome.

I'm looking at buying the same amp and that's a hell of a deal.

I'm guessing that the site editor just made a mistake, but if I were you I'd jump on that before it gets fixed!

EDIT: Wait, no, all the V Series amps are marked way low.......

That is odd.....I don't know.

Maybe they're being competitive? I don't know.

I say go for it though, the amp's is under warranty reguardless.
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