this may sound silly, but during some lead parts, when im bringing down my ring finger on my fret hand, sometimes my little finger will like, fret in midair if you will. not actually touching the strings and making me hit a false note, it just like goes through the motion in the air. my question is, is this a very bad habit thats going to have ill effects on my playing, or since its not actually directly causing mistakes is it not a problem???
well i have the same thing... its cause ring fingers and pinky fingers tend to react very similar to each other because of nerves and muscles but i get used to it and it doesn't serve me any problems... just don't think about it
You need to develop a better finger independance between those fingers. How do you do that? Just use them singularly and it will improve. That's why your thumb, index and middle finger have so much freedom, you use them a LOT more everydays.

Edit: It's not necessarly bad if it doesn't make your playing bad or anything. It can even help, if you need to use your pinky next, it's closer, therefore less efforts is required > economy of motion.
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If it's not impeding you it's not a terrible thing to be doing.
The muscles of different fingers seem to be bunched quite closely together, hence you inadvertently move another finger while moving one you want to.
Further playing will help improve your finger independence though, as long as you concentrate on one finger and holding back the others.