I am a good guitar player and can creat well writen songs but... im going into a band and i need to know how to creat metal rifs and such... please help I dont know shift about creating metal
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If you are so called a "GOOD" guitar player than how come you can't create a metal riff when you proclaim that you write well written pieces?

Things that can help.

Trem Picking


Minor Pent
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do you not play metal in general?
just play whatever you come up with and I would just find people who play the same
I say that, but I am unfortunately not very good at following it
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it really depends what form of metal it is. because Dimebag Darrell made sweet solo's out of the blues scales, while others use major scales. it all depends the specifics.

Avenged Sevenfold vs. Metallica vs. AC/DC vs. Ozzy.
you use a good deal of distortion and play power chords and be sure to involve palm muting and throw in some triplets for taste
my favorite tuning for it is drop d and listen to alot of different metal bands for ideas

i hope this helps
well it depends on what kind of metal really

could you name some influences for the rest of the band?
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well, you could look at some tabs for these bands to get an idea of how their songs are put together!

a lot of older atreyu is kinda.....dark sounding a guess, so maybe try writing in a minor key?
choruses are frequently uplifting, so maybe have a look at some major scales for them

im probably not helping......
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If you want to know how to create metal riffs, listen to it first... I have a feeling you don't, lol.

And I agree with everything herman ri said, in the first post.