i have played the guitar for along time but have never heard of a noise gate what are they spesificaly
a noise gate is a device that works like, you guessed it, a gate. It is used to stop unnecessary noise when you are not playing your guitar. When the output level of your guitar reaches or passes a certain level, the gate "opens" and the guitar can be heard, when the output falls below this point the gate "closes", and all sound from your amplifier is muted, so there is no background noise when you stop playing. The level at which the gate opens and closes can be changed, as can the speed of the gate opening/closing. If you set the level too high though, your guitar may get cut off during a sustained note, since the output would decrease. If you set it even higher, then you will not be able to breach it at all, and you will be muted for all eternity 0_0 the speed of the gate refers to the sharpness of which the volume is cut off/engaged when using the noise gate.
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