Hey guys

Ok I currently have a ibanez prestige 2550E or Z as its known now..
It has standard pickups but im planning on upgrading to EMG's.. But i need some help,
this is what the guitar has now -

NeckPU: DiMarzio® IBZ neck pu
MiddlePU: DiMarzio® IBZ mid pu
BridgePU: DiMarzio® IBZ bridge pu

Im planning on upgrading to -

NeckPU: EMG 60
MiddlePU: ???????
BridgePU: EMG 81

I choose 60 instead of 85 cause i need something to do clean tones aswell, but if you suggest that the 85 has a good clean tone then i will choose that instead of the 60. But the main problem being i dont know what to put in the middle pickup?? Do i just leave it as it is and just change the neck and bridge? or what do i put in the middle??

1. 85 or 60 for neck pickup?? I will be doing clean tones by the way.
2. What do i do with my middle pickup?

Thanks alot!
Quote by Tackleberry
What change are you looking for out of this pickup swap?

im not soo happy with my tone and i want a heavier tone, also i have another guitar which i will put the pickups im removing from my ibanez into.
what amp do you have?

btw the EMG SA is an awesome pup
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Quote by JLT73
what amp do you have?

btw the EMG SA is an awesome pup

Line 6 Spider 3 150w

First - Yes i know its a SS and not a tube and the EMG's wont make to much of a difference but i use this only at home and at band practice, at most of my gig's i use a peavey valve king, but at some i do use the line 6.

Second - It was a birthday present so i cant really argue and its not that bad of an SS amp.

Thanks i will try the SA tomorrow and also i will try the 60/85 and compare them both.