For Dm, is either of these fingerings preferable?

Are they both correct, or is it better to learn the red fingering? I've always played it with the black fingering, but I was wondering if I should relearn the chord with the red fingering as most chord charts seem to suggest that one..

I use the red fingering because I like to have my pink free to do the sus chord.
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i see no reason to even do the black one? maybe someone could enlighten me?

i'd say red.
unless maybe you wanted to go 2 on e, 3 on g and 4 on b? keep the pointer finger free for like slash chords or something?
I use red. I guess you could use both though.
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i use red most of the time but if i want to play a Dm7 I use black to free up my 3rd finger and put that on the 3rd fret of the A string...other than situaions like that i think black is unconventional
I use the red fingering because I like to have my pink free to do the sus chord.

Yup. The red one leaves the pinky free to do other things, and is also much less awkward.
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Then again, I've never paid much attention to those. I usually put my fingers where it's most convenient for the song.
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Always used red myself. Having the little finger free makes it much easier to change to other chords much easier in my experience, and if you're throwing little lead licks in with your chording, you're gonna want that flexibility rather than have your ring finger bunched up behind your fourth and unable to do anything.
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