So im 16 turning 17 this sept. and i finally gathered enough cash to get my a set of wheels.

What are some things i should look into when deciding to buy a new car? (new as in yes it is used, but new like off the lot). Really i was thinking gas, how many miles on it, looks (yes that is something i am concerned with but not as much), etc.

A friend of mine has an uncle who sells cars and he can hook me up on a good condition honda civic for about 4 grand which is how much i have to spend. I was looking at reviews (rated 3.5 stars and up) and it gets about 35 miles to the gallons which is awesome. Any thoughts?

thanks guys
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yes, go with a civic. they are very reliable cars and get great mileage. Go for it.
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Um you could do what my brother did and buy a fixer upper. His jetta looks brand new and i only cost $600 to fix and buy it
Do you need something that can haul stuff, such as a truck, or do you want something that just goes from place to place? Trucks are hard to find with good mpg's, but Nissan Frontiers seem to do ok. For a car, just get something with low mpg's.
EDIT: Umm, I mean high miles per gallon.
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i got a 2001 accord, one owner, 65000 miles, and extremely good condition for $6500 from a teacher at my school. i get about 26-28 mpg driving around town, probably in the 30's if i took it on a road trip. great car though, i highly recommend a honda.
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35 gallons to the mile? thats like 1000 dollars to drive to work

Nice, I didnt notice that.
You want something which goes at least 40mpg with todays extortionate petrol prices.
1L - 1.4L is ideal really, anything more powerful and you get raped by insurance.
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35 gallons to the mile? thats like 1000 dollars to drive to work

i didnt even see that
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check tires front end componenets(tie rod ends, balljoints, cvboots, etc) trans fluid ,engine oil brakes. battery condition, altenator(generator) spark plugs paint condition

one big thing is timing belt fin out if that has been done can be expensive

check for leaks and prior accidents and i think
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35 gallons to the mile? thats like 1000 dollars to drive to work

lol haha glad someone else noticed it too!
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Anything good on gas!
Honda Civic
Toyota Matrix
Nissan Versa
Even Lancers by Mitsubishi.
Jackson King V KVX10
Line 6 Spider III 75 W.
Peavey 5150/6505 Combo to be owned at the end of 2010.
the year is 2001.
and yes the car is in good shape. no body work damage on it nor engine problem.
To what man po po said I could buy a fixer uppers however the person i am buying it from does that lol. He buys cars and fixes them (boday, interior, engine, the works) and depending on how much damage there was, labor hours, cost in parts, etc is how much he resells it for. So it basically is a fixer upper.
The only thing im worried about is the miles on the car. What number should i be shooting for, for a car of that age?

again thanks guys awesome feed back

EDIT:Also if i were to get a honda civic would it be a good car it put money into? I was thinking maybe a bmw boday kit, tires and rims plus a sound system altogether over time that is.
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