so mostly im a metal head but i grew up listening to country and gospel due to my parents and grandparents always playing it so i eventually developed a softspot for country and recently i came across the country singer/songwriter brad paisley and realised "holy **** this guy not only can sing but his songwriting skills are amazing"

he has the incredible skill of being able to cover a wide range of emotions while still keeping it interesting. his songs can make you laugh such as "im still a guy" or "me neither" or "celebrity", they can make you cry like in "when i get where im going" or "shes everything" or "whiskey lullaby" or just plain make you feel good like in "letter to me"

his play on words and creative song concepts keep his music interesting and enjoyable and makes me believe him to be one of the best modern country songwriters out there (and a pretty damn good guitarist too)

anyways discuss your oppinion as well as any other artists you think are amazing songwriters. perhaps name some of your fave songs by them and reasons why you like them.

for me its
Brad paisley
im still a guy - funny as hell song about how all guys are being wimps nowadays

shes everything - great play on words and very well written love song that isnt too cliche

when i get where im going - very sad but yet uplifting look on life after death
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I personally think Conor Oberst writes the best country songs even though he is not strictly country. "We are nowhere and it's now" is such a great song and any country fan would enjoy it in my opinion, along with most of "i'm wide awake its morning".