Wow those were great.

Bittersweet- Great laid back feel. I really like songs that sound like this. You have a very pretty voice, but the melody is a bit bland in spots. I'd like to hear you really belt it out. The synth sounds good.

The S Approach- Same comments here. The vocals need to be turned up a bit I think, but hey its just a demo. Chorus sounds good.

And a pretty good demo at that.

I sent you a friend invite from my band Forever From Now.
Hai 2 u
Bittersweet sounds really simple and nice. The guitar sounds slightly out of tune and I really like the sound of the bass guitar - it's sweet. I like your voice, but as mentioned above, the melody can sound pretty bland at times. Overall this is a nice tune, but I feel as if it drags on for too long. It has a lot of potential if you can make it more concise. Also, I feel like this track is too overproduced - I think it would sound really good just stripped down and raw. Also, the track skips a bit around 3:16.

The S Approach sounds pretty good overall, but I definitely think that it needs to be shorter. The songs are fairly repetitious and for that reason they lose the listeners attention.

Overall, some pretty good stuff. I think that with a bit of work these tunes would be a lot better. Nice voice! If you've got some time check out some of my acoustic stuff!