I'm going for my driver's test tomorrow in New Britain in CT.
i was wondering if there is anything i should know (ie parallel parking or not, backing in or not) or any helpful information

anything is appreciated
something you should probably know... the road rules!!
but then again, i'm not a driving instructor. i suggest you consult one tho!! they might be able to help!!
Uh, yeah.
Rules at stop signs
Angled parking
Parallel Parking
(Where I live, If I went one mph over, I wouldve failed.)
I took my test in New Britain, CT last year. They didn't ask me to do parallel, but they had me do back-in parking. They ask different things of different people though, keep it random I guess, so you best know it all.
Other than that, know all the roads signs and make sure you're going the speed limit.
And review that little handbook you should have with driving rules, because you'll need that for the written part of the test.