Hello, me and my uncle are going to jam next week and we need some good songs to play together. I enjoy Thrash and he enjoys Blues but we both enjoy classic rock from The Doors to Led Zeppelin. Are there any songs for 2 guitarists that would be easy to somewhat easy to play together? IE if it was on the what song should I play thread it would be intermediate or below, perhaps easy advance (I can struggle through advance songs minus the solos but would prefer something easier for two people.)

We're going to jam and improvise over each others' chord progressions since we both are pretty fluent in keys and triads/7 chords but it would be nice to have some premade songs to play as well. I did see a thread about this about a half a year ago but couldn't find it, if someone could link to a thread similar to this I would be grateful. Thanks in advance.
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Thank you, I will call him tommorow and see if he's into Maiden. We were also going to play Dueling Banjo's so does anyone know anything along those lines? I know a lot of songs we'd both enjoy but none really have 2 distinct guitar parts. But yeah Maiden's a good one I hope he listens to them.
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thin lizzy is great classic rock with harmonized guitars
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