ite im new to the guitar dont remember the name of the part but where the strings come out of is not allowing me to use my wammy bar because its already too close the the body of the guitar idk if i tightened the screws if itd change the angle so i can use it but im not sure what im doing and i dont want to **** it up
Hmm. It sounds like you want to tighten the screws that hold the whammy springs. From your description, the strings are pulling the bridge (thats the name of the part) forward because there isn't enough tension to counteract the force. Just take it slow and steady.
If it's blue, then it MUST smell good.
that dint do the trick i raised it up and it was the same problem....im tryin to learn how to do a dive bomb but i cant pull back on the wammy bar enuff to get the full expand
could it be your bridge (name of the part?) isn't a floating bridge?