I'm trying to decide what ELECTRIC guitar I should get. I am a beginner and have a small budget...$150 top. I want a decent guitar that plays well, but looks good too (no Ibanez). Please help me decide what I should get.
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Are you going electric,acoustic,or acoustic-electric?
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Dude, for that money you can get a guitar that you'll play for a month or two, and then you would want a new one. Try and save up for a guitar for $250 - $300. For that money you can get a pretty sweet Jackson, Ibanez, Dean, or LTD (cheaper ESP). Trust me on this, I have had plenty of experience. I have had friends that bought cheap guitar sets and quit after two months. If you know you're gonna be dedicated to this, take my advice and do what I did. I got a Jackson Rhoads, which I have been playing for a year now, and I will continue on doing it for many more to come. Later on for the other stuff, just go by your music store and check if they have nice deals on things you would want like a bigger amp, guitar effects and so on. I hope this works for you and have fun playing the guitar. Cheers!
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save a bit more and you may get a good starter pack from Yamaha, Ibanez, Squier, etc...
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