Mackie Tracktion 3 Project Bundle - $100
Mackie 402 VLZ3 Mixer - $100
Mic: Shure Pg-57 - $60
Yamaha MIDI Keyboard - $100
M-Audio Audiophile Sound Card - $100

Total: $460.
Not sure if im mic'ing it or not tho, so w/o mic its 400

any input on improvements or other suggestions encouraged please, none of this is final cuz i havent ordered anything yet
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Sounds okay so far. What will you be recording?

Also... glaring omission= monitors?

Could I get some more talent in the monitors, please?

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you listed recording gear, not the DAW. the DAW is the actual computer...either way, looks like a nice setup.

What about studio monitors...picked any out yet or plan to get any?
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You aren't talking about miking the Midi Keyboard are you? haha
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You aren't talking about miking the Midi Keyboard are you? haha

lol no that hooks up directly into the Audiophile sound card. also the amp being hooked up once again is a peavey 6505 head on a marshall 1960 slant cab w/ celestion g12-75s

also im just recording a lot of metal songs by myself. i dont think it'll exceed like 10 tracks max per song
I'll help you consolidate your stuff. You won't need the Mackie or soundcard.

1. Art Dual Pre. $99. You aren't doing to stick more than two microphones at any given time, so there's no need for anything fancy. If you want DI inputs, look into Presonus Inspire (review), as it's a really sweet interface that can link together with other ones so a band can easily record. It's $150, and a Firewire card is $20. This is still cheaper than a mixer/sound card.
2. M Audio Keyrig. $99. Connects to your computer through USB.
3. Microphone: With the money you saved, get a SM57 ($99). You won't need to replace it until you get U47 derivatives, RE20/27s, or MD421s. You haven't added in the price for a boom/mic stand ($20). There's also cable to consider. If you just want something easy to hook up, and don't want to spend loads of time with microphone position (though it is a valuable experience), look into Radial's JDX, which should hook between your guitar amp and speaker and deliver a nice consistent sound.

$370 with the Tracktion, assuming you get the Inspire and Firewire card. Don't forget monitors...KRK RP5s are well liked here, and you can add a woofer later to get the low end. Here's a review of them.
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