All Sabbath is great. Except the Ian Gillian stuff and last 2 Ozzy albums, but I still like em.
^Yeah, I got Born Again on vinyl not long ago... can't say I was into it much at all.
Hey, I'm Mike.
Nah me neither. And then after that Tony Iommi just cont'd throughout the 80's by himself while still using the Sabbath name. I always found that stilly. And the stuff "Black Sabbath" recorded during the 80's is completely forgetable.
I dig the Dio stuff, Heaven and Hell and Mob Rules but besides that I agree. I think Dio rescued them from putting out more crap.

Actually, having seen them with Dio a couple years ago I wish they'd just consider Dio a member of Sabbath again and kick Ozzy out. Dio's still doing great... we all know Ozzy's run out of steam.
Hey, I'm Mike.
Anyway, back to the original topic.....Laguna was the first song of theirs I heard that wasn't the usual hard stuff (I "borrowed my brother's VOL. 4 album) and even at the age where that's all I wanted to hear, I was impressed and from then it was all Black Sabbath all the time.
To this day I can't stop being impressed by Iommi's talent.
And yes the other's (Orchid,Fluff,etc.) are just ...well awesome!
I would like to know what kind of guitar's were used on that song? Anyone?