I am new here, I hope this place will help me grow in my musical skills.

My question To day is what is a good upgrade in a Amp for me Right now I have a 15 watt Park Amp its good but I think the speakers are not up to pair, I have about 500$ though I only play for fun and to relieve Stress which I love.
so I don't need a concert Amp which would be a lot more but I only really want to spend 300 but I'm not to sure on this...

I have a boss Metal Zone Petal on lay away now which I have not got to hear yet I played on the but I did play on the Metal Core which I really liked so I want a Amp that can handle the distortion you know.
check out tech 21 amps, my friend has one and it really sounds awesome.
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I make up so of my own music but style would be speed core Metal, Classic Shred metal, and some times Country Johnny cash I play Iron maiden and Ozzy,metallica, Guns and roses trying to play Fail of troy pretty fast though I play in dropped C if that matters with 11 gauge strings also system of a down a slipknot try anyway
I'd probably suggest a Roland Cube. Plenty versatile, covers all the styles you listed, and priced very well.
Don't know if this will effect peoples opinions on Amps But I'm playing on a schecter Omen 6 string, just thought I would put that out there, I have been told that mesa makes the best Amps I was thinking of getting one but I not sure if they are worth the extra coin any thoughts?
Well, I wouldn't say Mesa is THE best amp. It might be the best amp for SOME people. That's something you have to learn, there's no best anything, really - it all depends on people's preferences.
I'm also going to recommend you grab a Roland Cube 60.
Forget the Metal Zone, it's a terrible pedal, and you don't need it, anyway.
really darn I already put it on lay away it sounded nice in the store...

Roland cube looks a lot smalled then the Amp I already got.. hmm
though it does say its 60watts

how does this compare to the roland?
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If you only play for fun and to relieve stress does that mean you only play in the home? If so, an amp like a Mesa would be complete overkill and you'd never be able to crank it up enough to get a decent sound. Valve amps are great but not ideal for home use. If you're in the home then the Roland Cube is ideal for what you play and you probably only need the 30w version. If you do play the odd live gig and also want the same amp for the home then the 60w would be great.
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Yes I do play at local shows when like they have the out doors concerts that are free to join but I usally use my buddy's huge marshall stack so yeah in the garage lol 60watt rolanf cue seems to be my best bet
Thanks I will find one of these at my local store I hope they have one I would like to try it before I buy, If not I guess I will have to take your guys word for it ^_^ looking up so youtube reviews

Does the tone stay clean at higher volumes?