Well I did my first non-cosmetic mod this past week on one of my explorers. Basically changed out the pickups from the stock 496r/500t set to a '57 Classic/'57 Classic+ set and repalced the mini grovers with inline kluson knockoffs.

The guitar started out like this:

The finished product on the right next to the one I left stock:

Closeup of the Tuners:

And the Pups:
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That second picture confused me for a minute.
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+1. This man knows his ****.

Walker Rose.
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That second picture confused me for a minute.

fixed, thanks.
that is sweet.
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I think (from what iv heard) that since your new tuner heads are (what appears to be) plastic (therefore are much lighter) they will kill your sustain.
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Thanks guys, and no, keabler, the sustain won't be noticably affected. There are so many other things that affect that more like how well the instrument is set up, for one, what it's made of for another, how much gain you are dumping into your signal, etc etc etc. By the way, Les Paul Standards of old used Kluson tuners with plastic buttons and noone has ever complained about their sustain. That belief comes from the fact that they are lighter (which may have a negligible effect on neck dive if it actually had that problem) and as such have less inertia to resist the transfer of string energy. That is to say, they would vibrate more readily which would draw the sustain away from the strings. However, they are anchored pretty securely to the back of the headstock and all the gearing is tight since they are modern so this is nothing's going to be vibrating to cause this issue.