Okay, so I've decided that since SamAsh is selling them for so cheap, I am going to get a Crate V Series amp. I am in a band, and i will need loud cleans. I was thinking about getting the V33, but it only comes in a 2x12.

So my question is, how much louder does having 2 speakers instead of just 1 work? It can't be twice as loud, can it?

Will a 30 watt 2x12 be a lot, or just right, or not enough? Should i just get a V18 2X12? 18 watts just doesnt seem loud enough, but I have never played a tube amp before, but i plan on playing it in SamAsh before i buy.

Also, the V50 1X12 is $20 cheaper than the V33 2X12, but 50 watts tube seems too loud to me, thoughts?
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Trust, it'll be loud enough
18 watts valve is loud, 30 watts valve is louder, 50 watts valve is LOUDD.
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The V33 is enough.
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Thanks for the input, but the main question was is V33 2X12 TOO loud?

And how much louder is a 2X12 as opposed to a 1X12 because the V33 only comes in a 2X12.
I'm not really an expert on this sort of thing, but wouldn't it just have a bit better sound quality? I dunno, I feel bad if I mislead you (help me out you professionals).

EDIT: PM slatsmania. He's knowledgeable on like... every aspect of the amplifier. Of course, there are other people, but he comes to mind first.
The difference in volume between 2x12 and 1x12 is small. The real difference is bass response and weight of the amp. I would honestly try to hold out and find a Crate V30 V3112T used instead. Only one speaker so it is more portable, but it is a Tone Tubby which is a really high quality speaker.
Thanks guys.

Can anyone else give some advice? I think I'm going to SamAsh this afternoon.