Ok so I already know a bit about recording. I was planning on getting...
1.A Shure SM-57LC
2. Either a Tapco Mix 120 and a Behringer U-CONTROL UCA202 USB-Audio Interface or..... an inspire 1394

my questions are...
1. the guy at the store said that the inspire 1394 works as a mixer and an interface. would this be better than the other option?
2. Is this a good choice for beginners
3. Do these things usually come with the cables i need? if not, how expensive do they generaly cost? thanks for the help
1. Yes, basically.

2. Seems so.

3. No. Cables can get expensive, but they don't have to be. To a degree, you get what you pay for if you buy really cheap, but if you buy really expensive.... not so much. You should be able to pick up a mic cable for about a dollar a foot. (they're not sold by the foot, but $25 for 20 foot cable.... $60 for a 50 foot cable, etc.) And don't forget stands.

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stick with the 1394, it will come with a firewire cable to link to your PC, thats it...well in terms of cables.

youll want to get some XLR mic cables, stands, and a set of headphones if you dont want to get studio monitors. Musiciansfriend has a nice mic stand which comes with a 20 or 25 foot mic cable for just $20. I ordered two more last night just for the stands and cables TBH.


The mic was ...ok... not great but the mic clip broke soon after putting a mic in it so get a replacement clip if you can...I like the rubber ones from MF. The cable has been lasting me for 5 months now on the other stand I have and I coil them up every day after I use them.

zzounds has the standard 57 pack with a cable and stand for just $24 more which is worth it:

but I think the Mic pack from MF has the better stand.
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